Address: 8-38 Ekiminamimachi Hofu city Yamaguchi prefecture in Japan
Zip code: 7470801 TEL#: +81-835-28-8118, FAX#: +81-835-22-1177

Our formality

We call for patients in order as a rule, however, child or elderly patients will be often called not in order. Please let our staff to know, if you feel you are placed in the wrong order.

All the people in our clinic are prohibited to smoke. Waiting room is in the center of clinic at first floor. If you come to our clinic earlier than 8:40am, please wait outside of clinic. Our staff will open the door at 8:40am.

We serve barrier-free environment. Patients and their family move in a wheelchair in our clinic. And we have a wheelchair, please call our staff if you want to use wheelchair.

We have bathroom for handy capped and patients taking children ready to use comfortably. Elevator car for the patients waiting for operation.

Latest equipments and in-clinic prescription

I. Equipments

A. Waiting room

B. Examination room

  1. hotography for fundus To follow retinal or optic neural diseases.
  2. Optical coherent tomography (OCT) To observe retinal or cordial diseases in detail
  3. Wave front analyzer (WFA) To detect refractive error in detail

II. Doctor’s office

A. Two separated rooms to minimize time loss for patients

B. For the patients of retina-vitreous diseases, we have much time for the patients. So, one of the two office are used for this purpose.

III. Treatment room

A. Nurses tell you how to use ophthalmic solutions.

B. Minor surgery is performed in this treatment room which is equipped with reclining seat and operation microscope.

*Prescribing a generic drug or ophthalmic solutions.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan recomende to prescribing a generic drugs or an generic ophthalmic solutions. For this reason, we willingly prescribe a generics. If you woud have an original drug and ophthalmic solution, please let us know at the front desk.