Address: 8-38 Ekiminamimachi Hofu city Yamaguchi prefecture in Japan
Zip code: 7470801 TEL#: +81-835-28-8118, FAX#: +81-835-22-1177

When you come.

I. Medical interview

A. May I help you ?

First, please give us your registration card. If you come to our clinic for the first time, let us see your health insurance card. Before general and medical examinations, we inquire your eye problems.
This medical interview is the most important. Please let us know your eye problem in detail.

II. General examinations

A. We check general data of your eyes.

All the patients needed to check general examinations of their eyes. If you come to our clinic for the first time, we perform general examinations we need. For re-coming patients, we perform general eye examinations every three months.

B. Refractometer

Is there any myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism in your eyes?

C. Tonometry

Is there ocular hypertension or hypotension in your eyes?

D. Examination of visual acuity

Do you have good visual acuity?

III. Medical examinations

A. Hello, I’m Dr. Koji KAWAMOTO

After medical examinations, you could have additional special eye examinations and eye procedures. If you have any question about examinations and eye procedures, don’t hesitate to inquire to us.


A. We’ll let you have medical receipt and accounts.

Please lay your medical receipt and account in lavender. You can not get republished receipts and accounts in our clinic. All the examinations and in-clinic prescriptions are listed in your medical receipt and account. If you want any medical receipt and account, please let us know.

B. We’ll let you have in-clinic prescriptions.

We give you ophthalmic solutions and some drugs in our clinic at your payment. Nurses advise you your eye drops and drugs in detail.

you can not get any registration by phone. We’ll make your general or medical examinations done in order. Some patients, however, are done not in order by their further special eye examinations.